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Removing Cockroaches

There are several different types of cockroaches found in the U.K and they all belong to the order Dictyoptera which translated means "net wings". All the cockroaches found in the U.K are associated with the spread of disease; as they pass from unsanitary environments to clean food preparation and storage areas. Cockroaches also foul their environment with faeces, skin castings and regurgitated food.

The type of treatment used to remove cockroaches depends upon the species present and so correct identification is of paramount importance. There are also other types of insects such as the death watch beetle that can be mistaken for cockroaches; so this is a step in the process that must not be missed. Establishing the level of the infestation is also very important and forms a significant part of any survey carried out.

Cockroach infestations become more difficult to remove as they become established and in these cases a successful outcome is usually achieved by a combination of different measures. Non-chemical control methods form a useful addition to any treatment program and are also used to ensure that the cockroaches do not return.

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  • Correct identification of the cockroach species ensures the right treatment is used
  • Professional grade insecticides and products ensures quick & efficient removal
  • Non-chemical control methods ensure that the cockroaches don't return