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    Getting Rid of
    Mice & Rats

    Comprehensive & humane treatment programs
    for the removal of rats & mice

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    Wasps Nest

    Treatment, safe removal & disposal
    available for dangerous nests

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    Bed Bug Removal

    We can help you remove an
    infestation; permanently.

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    Bird Control
    & Guano Removal

    Protect your health, home & business

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    Protection from Ants

    Treatment of Nests and
    Barrier Protection for Your
    Home or Business

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    Removal of

    We can treat the
    infestation and help you
    keep them out permanently

Get Rid of Pests

We can remove, control or manage any pest that may be troubling you and only use professional grade products that are the safest and most effective available.

By working with you we can help you to implement a suitable pest control program that will not only remove any current problem pests but will prevent any future pest control problems occurring.

Combining the latest physical processes and biological techniques; our pest control programs are tailored to each situation and are designed to achieve control in the quickest, most efficient and most humane manner possible.

These pest prevention and control measures may also be implemented alongside other installation and routine maintenance work in order to maximise efficiency and lower your costs even further.

All our pest control agreements/contracts are carried out professionally, discreetly and are fully guaranteed.

Sustainability & Ethics

UK Environment Services uses the most environmentally friendly and humane methods available during any pest control operations. We organise and plan all our pest control work, with the objective of achieving customer requirements as efficiently as possible and with the lowest possible risk to non-target species.

Modern equipment such as U.L.V (Ultra Low Volume) applicators, ensure that any treatments present the lowest possible risk to humans and non-chemical methods of control are used when it is appropriate.

During all our pest control work we emphasise that preventing pest problems is usually easier & cheaper than controlling an infestation and we will work with you to help achieve this.

Why we need to prevent & control pest species

Controlling animal pests and preventing their propagation/migration is essential not only to protect human health but also to protect an organisations financial interests.

Direct economic losses from pest damage (e.g. damage to buildings, cables & wiring) can be substantial and indirect costs (e.g. health issues, damage to an organisations reputation) can be substantially greater.

The potential for damage to human health by diseases transferred from animal pests is not to be disregarded or underestimated. In the U.K our temperate climate helps to limit the spread of a number of diseases from pests but many others are highly prevalent and contagious.

Disease transmission from pests to humans can happen in several different ways. Pests often harbour diseases internally (vectors of disease) and contaminate humans/pets/food products/surfaces with bodily fluids or faeces.

Diseases can also be passed on through contamination from direct contact with pests, as they tend to live and move around in unsanitary environments, such as gutters and drains.

Development of chronic health conditions also occurs as a result of exposure to guano (droppings) from birds, as the guano dries out and becomes airborne as a fine dust.

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