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    Bird Control
    & Guano Removal

    Protect your health, home & business

  • The most effective bird management systems available
  • Cost effective systems that save money and protect infrastructure
  • Specialised cleansing products & equipment, protect you against exposure to harmful bio-organisms

Bird Control & Guano Removal

Effective bird management requires the implementation of many different sets of skills, including knowledge of bird behaviour and the law governing the control of wild birds. This knowledge, along with the vast range of available bird control products can be used to create an effective bird control program but only if all aspects are covered and equipment properly utilised.

The ability of birds to adapt to their environment is often underestimated and this adaptability can result in poorly designed bird management systems being ineffective and expensive eye-sores. We create integrated bird management systems that take into account all of the relevant factors to produce the most effective and cost efficient control system possible.

Removing bird guano (faeces) is a rather un-appealing but necessary task; where birds have left contamination and a thorough clean-up is necessary in order to protect the property and prevent damage to human health. We use specialist equipment in order to prevent the transmission of dangerous pathogens to humans, whilst removing the guano quickly and effectively.

The bird management work that we carry out incorporates hygiene, bird proofing, bird scaring and in some cases culling or population control. 


One of the main reasons for implementing a bird control program is to protect human health. Birds are associated with the spreading of many disease causing agents; that can have serious implications for human health. Pigeons alone are believed to be affected by over 100 different pathogens including dozens of fungi, bacteria and several viruses. The exact level to which these pathogens are spread to humans by pigeons (and other birds) is difficult to assess, as most cases will probably go unreported but numerous scientific papers have implicated wild birds in the spreading of zoonoses (zoonoses are diseases which can be passed from animals to humans).

The transmission of these zoonoses can be categorised into the following:

  • Insect-borne diseases
  • Food-borne diseases
  • Air-borne diseases

Wild birds are an essential component of the worlds ecology but where there is potential for conflicts with human health interests it is important to properly assess the risks and to mitigate them with appropriate bird management measures.

Protecting Property With Bird Proofing & Bird Scaring

The accumulation of birds, nesting materials & guano droppings can cause severe and expensive damage to property. Nesting materials, feathers etc, routinely block drainpipes and gutters, and bring the potential for flooding, which can result in big repair bills. The actions of the birds themselves can cause damage as they peck at rooftop equipment, windows and water-proofing materials.

Another source of property damage comes from the accumulation of guano droppings on stone & metal work. The chemical reactions that take place with the guano droppings can cause the stone & metal work to quickly deteriorate, leading to an increase in stonework porosity and potential damp problems.

Bird scaring systems are used as a very effective deterrent against pigeons and other birds. Modern systems are very discreet, tactile and use mild electric pulses to prevent birds from settling. The size or pressure of the bird infestation seems to have no implications for the effectiveness of the systems and they can be applied to most buildings. Audible and visual deterrents against birds are impractical in most circumstances and are likely to be of limited effectiveness, unless they are implemented alongside other deterrents.

Bird proofing systems are sometimes more appropriate than bird scaring systems and are very adaptable, covering almost any scenario. The main systems available use spikes, sprung or hanging wires and nets or welded mesh. Some of these products are far less discreet than others, so we take all our customers & site requirements into account before we recommend a bird management plan.

Population Control

On some occasions it is necessary to cull or control wild birds in order to protect public health or to prevent serious damage to property. The law is quite strict in this respect and there are only certain wild birds which may be culled without first obtaining a special license that covers that particular bird control situation. Common pest birds such as the feral pigeon and the lesser black-backed gull can be culled or controlled under a general license that does not require specific permission from the governing authority. It is still however something that is only carried out in certain scenarios, where other measures are ineffective or impractical.

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