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Reliable & affordable pest control in Edinburgh

Pest problems can be distressing but when you contact us about an invasive pest we guarantee for you:


A Fast Response From A Local Expert


A Comprehensive Survey & Impartial Advice With No Pressure Or Obligations


The Safest & Most Effective Treatments Available


A Humane & Environmentally Friendly Approach To Pest Control


Fully Trained & Certified Pest Control Technicians


Significant Savings Over Big Name Competitors


All our treatment programs are designed to be fast acting, effective and safe to non-target species. We use non-toxic control methods wherever possible in order to provide the highest levels of safety.


The pest control products we use are of a professional grade and are not normally available to the general public. These products help to ensure that our treatment programs take effect in the shortest possible time.


We combine these products with the latest techniques and specialised equipment to control & remove problem pests in a safe, humane and ethical manner.


Our range of treatment programs can be tailored to your requirements and use a combination of physical, chemical, biological and cultural control methods to cover all the pest control scenarios that occur in buildings and outdoors.


Fixed price treatment plans & full guarantees are available on all our pest control agreements where required.


All our operatives are highly knowledgeable & fully insured. We also subscribe to continual professional development programs to ensure that we are the best pest control service in Edinburgh.


To get more information and remove pests from your property contact us on 0771 890 2333


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Bed bug feeding
Wasps nest in attic space
Chamaeleon Sirius U.V Insect Trap